Increasing vulnerabilities at, and surrounding our workplaces has led to a significant increase in accidents resulting in loss of life, time and wealth. The internal and external environment has turned complex and unpredictable, making safety and security a matter of grave concern.
Internally organisations struggle with the overall relaxed attitude or overconfidence of the employees. Lack of inclination and information before initiating a task/process/operation are other reasons contributing to casualties.
It needs an in-depth, comprehensive approach towards process improvements, system upgradations, attitude change and behaviour corrections, supported by right products to lead towards the desired cultural shift, which will bring necessary enhancements in organisations to create safe workplaces.
To cater to the above need, GESA provides internationally recognised training courses and safety equipment, personalisedcustomised consulting, auditing, and quality manpower resourcing

A glance at few myths which govern the overall attitude towards fire, health & safety


Fact: Myth

Safety impacts productivity: Safety increases productivity

Spending on safety and security is an expense: Spending on safety and security is an investment

Safety is the government’s responsibility: Safety is a collective responsibility, at the individual and organisation level

Safety is about acquiring certificates from the government bodies: Safety is about making conscious efforts to create safe workplaces

GESA came into existence to help organisations and societies challenge and change the above reality. (Know more)

Who we are?

GESA is a complete service dynamic force in the field of technical, consulting, safety and security to progress and sustain communities where we subsist for better safe workplace.

Merging the highly trained of expertise of our respective field experts, consulting and resourcing, with public and private sectors, wide range of services and providing customized safety equipment with certified team with proven success rate.

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With GESA’s nonpareil training at work, stay secure and sound; expand your workplace and business horizon. The GESA training, consulting and safety management is committed to provide a full assortment of training, it equipments, complete consulting services and complete safety management training and resources ranging from short-term to professionals training courses on site, off site and online training as well. We also provide customized, interactive and quality solutions to our client’s specific training requirements.

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Audit & Inspection

To avert accidents, To categorize the safety, health and security concern. GESA audit and inspection is the solution! Combining the professional auditors experts and compliant with standard regulations, with more than 3000 successful audit. We serve the purpose of safety, health and different hazards classification and recognition. The evaluation of workplace and site audit compliance to OSHA standards provides evaluation ergonomics, audible range conservation, respirator use and use of defensive equipment

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GESA security zenith serves best security, safer workplace, and resourceful workforce for improved business opportunities. Security is a significant concern of every employee and assets of a company. We offer highly distinctive innovative active integrated security solutions and services to the largest businesses and educational institutes. GESA renders several public and private sectors across globe different security ideas, designs, installs, maintain security management, audit, and upgrade of technology.

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Evolve your business into a smart and efficient business by using GESA’s products and services. GESA offers the wide range of products of various categories ranging from personal protective equipment, facility safety, visual safety, emergency response equipment, hazardous material detectors and cans to every general safety equipment which are widely used in various industrial, chemical and construction industries.

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